Babboe Slim Mountain 500Wh

Yamaha PW-SE midtmotor

Varenr: 120388
54 999,00

Who says you can’t go on adventurous cycling tours with children? The Babboe Slim Mountain is the perfect mode of transportation to discover the world together with your children.


The bike is extra slim, which makes it very manoeuvrable. Moreover, the bike is stable and balanced, as the kids sit in a straight line in front of you. This makes it feel as if you were riding a standard bike.


The powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with force sensor and Nuvinci stepless shifting system allows you to easily go for long outings and long-distance tours.


Number of children1-2 toddlers
Step childrenYes
Dimensions255 x 65 x 110 cm
Load container80 kg
FrameExtra sturdy frame provided with shockproof powder coating, the inside is provided with an extra coat
Colour of the FrameAnthracite
GearsNuvinci stepless gears
Tire sizeFront wheel: 20 inch | Rear wheel: 26 inch
LockART approved Abus ringlock
CarrierNo, optional
LightsAXA LED lights front and rear - Power supply via battery
Battery36V 400Wh
Location batteryUnder the bench
EngineYamaha mid-engine, 250W, 70Nm torque (peak 80Nm)
Range40-60 km
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